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Who we are

Rokswood is a phenomenal business conglomerate with expertise across various industry, providing high level professionalism and quality service

delivery in the engineering, energy, oil and gas, agriculture, manufacturing, logistics, and product fabrication. We want to set a new precedence for industrialization in Africa, by spreading our tentacle wide enough to offer excellence across all sectors, breaking new breaking barriers and creating wealth that drive economic transformation. We pride ourselves on giving our customers the best when comes to their engineering, food, manufacturing, business and industrial needs. As a company our passion is to set a legacy where we will be known as an innovative organisation that impacted industrialisation in Africa like never before.


Engineering - 99%

Fabrication - 99%

Oil and Gas - 89%

Agriculture - 98%

Technology - 98%

Why You Must To Choose Us?

Know How

We have the expertise, experience and capacity.
With innovation and creativity, we give you excellence.

Reputation for Quality

We are know for quality projects and delivery, we give you best of services
trust us to deliver quality to your projects

100% Satisfaction

Our clients and customers are at the core of our services and operations
We care about you so much and your satisfaction


Work Process

Our operations, transactions and business are seamless and very easy. We know how busy you could be, we want to give you the comfort you deserve in conducting business

We understand your need and engage in ideation for best efficient and effective solutions
We engage in discussion to outline the best possible approach for attaining success.
With detailed understanding of your need, we begin the project with quality and standard in mind.
Happy Client
We deliver quality and outstanding job to you. We are always looking for ways to make you happy.